Case Study: Vegan Events at Plum Tucker

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Events are a great way to promote your restaurant or cafe. They help to get your brand out to a wide audience in a relatively short amount of time.

We recently worked with Plum Tucker Cafe to create marketing campaigns for their recurring Vegan Nights.

Fox Junkie photoshoot the beautifully presented dishes at Plum Tucker.

Unedited Photo

We created promotional posters designed to align with the cafe’s theme and target audiences.

The event pages were created on Facebook and promoted along with the posters using precise ad settings. 

The result was beyond our expectations! The first Vegan Night with a Mexican theme reached over 30,800 people organically and was fully booked in just 4 days.

The next event (Asian Vegan Night) was promoted with a small budget to increase the reach and brand awareness. It reach over 17,000 people and was again fully booked.

Creating unique events that fits with your restaurant concept and target market can be a great tool to get your brand out to the people that matters. 

If you’re not sure what would your customers like, we’ve written on some of the ways you can learn more about them.

Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy Khoo

Co-founder, Fox Junkie
Hospitality Tutor, The University of Queensland

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