4 Ways to Deal with the Post-Holiday Hype

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Fox Junkie Digital 4 Ways to Deal with the Post-Holiday Hype

Now that the Easter holiday is over, many shops will see their sales drop as consumers are now spending less. So, what can you do to attract customers and improve your revenue?

  1. Be clear on your opening and closing dates.

Don’t lose out on sales just because your customers don’t know you’re open. Make sure your hours are available on your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business page, especially if you’re opening during the holiday period.

  1. Announce your promotions early.

If promotions are your thing, market them early to capture customers. The impulse to spend and indulge is still there, so be the first mover to capture the attention before your competitors do.

  1. Birthday celebrations.

Birthdays are an all-year-round thing. Therefore, there’s potential to target dedicated ads to people who have birthdays this month and their friends. Tell your customers why they should celebrate with you.

  1. Target upcoming events and holidays.

Upcoming holidays can be marketed as a good reason to dine out with love ones. Again, promote your events and packages early to capture attention. You can even stretch out with deals for the whole week.

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Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy Khoo

Co-founder, Fox Junkie
Hospitality Tutor, The University of Queensland

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