The 2 Podcasts We Think Every Restaurant Owner Should Listen To

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Fox Junkie Digital The 2 Podcasts We Think Every Restaurant Owner Should Listen To

Podcasts are one of our favourite ways of learning new things and getting inspirations while doing things that are not mentally stimulating. When I’m on the go, at the gym, or doing chores at home, I pop on our earphones and listen to someone talking about a niche topic.

Interestingly, that’s what inspired this blog post! Among the podcasts I follow and regularly listen to, the following two are what I think restaurant owners in Australia should listen to too. 

  1. Secret Sauce | The Restaurant Marketing Podcast

The good: James talks about trends and case studies that’s niched in the restaurant market within Australia, giving you useful and practical tips that you can implement yourself.

The bad: Personally, the episodes are usually a little long for me to finish in one setting. A large part of each episodes are examples and anecdotes with only 1 key message. Also, most episodes are online-focussed.

The verdict: I love secret sauce in terms of coming up with ideas for digital marketing for restaurant and would listen to this at x2 speed, which works great if you don’t have the time.


  1. The Dan Lok Show


Dan Lok is an international business mentor and he shares his insights and experiences as a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

The good: Most episodes goes straight to the point, talks about common issues that all entrepreneurs would face, and how to get over them.

The bad: The podcast is made for entrepreneurs but is not specific to F&B business owners, so there’s not too many relatable and specific examples. Some episodes can also be click-baity.

The verdict: The Dan Lok Show is great to help you think like a successful entrepreneur in terms of running your business and dealing with people. However, it’s worth to keep in mind that not everything can be applied to the restaurant market.

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Jeremy Khoo

Jeremy Khoo

Co-founder, Fox Junkie
Hospitality Tutor, The University of Queensland

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