4 Ways to Style & Shoot Your Food for Top-Shots (with examples)

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Fox Junkie Digital 4 Ways to Style & Shoot Your Food for Top-Shots (with examples) 2

Have you ever seen those insta food bloggers taking amazing top-shots of their meals? Well we’re sharing our top 4 tips and tricks in getting those perfect hero shots.

1. Pick a main dish to be the centre of attention

Place the dish you want to promote the most in the centre among the other dishes to draw attention from the viewers.

Take a look at how we took this traditional Thai spread at Thai Naramit, one of the most reputable authentic Thai restaurants in Brisbane.

We carefully picked their Somtum Combo Platter to be the main dish at the centre. That’s because it’s a pretty good looking dish as well as it’s traditionally served in the middle of a table during a Thai meal. Therefore, it made perfect sense to position the food this way.

2. Present your food in takeaway boxes (add some drinks too!)

Shooting your food in takeaway boxes is a great idea to sell your food if you are promoting takeaway orders. At this day and age when online ordering is just an app away, it’s important that you let your customers knows that they can order online, either via UberEats, Menulog, Deliveroo, or your own online ordering system.

This photo below is a shot we did for one of our Thai restaurant clients, Nahm Thai, located at Westfield Coomera

3. Add some hands

Adding some human elements to your flat-lays connects you with your audiences. It shows how people would share and enjoy the food, bringing life to the photos.

This shot was taken at Wonders Grill, Paradise Point, Gold Coast, showing a seafood meal enjoyed with wine.

4. Create a geometric style

Sometimes neat polished arrangements capture attention by standing out on social media feeds.

This photo was taken at Momani’s restaurant, located in the old Cook Terrace restaurant, on the corner of Coronation Drive and Park Road in Milton. Notice the intentional asymmetrical alignment of the dishes.

Here’s another top-shot we took at Noodle Hut Toowoomba. This time we arranged the dishes completely symmetrical as the food are served in the same bowls. This style shows all the dishes beautifully with roughly equal attention.

If you would like us styling and shooting your food at your restaurant, please feel free to contact us here or on our Facebook page. We also offer an ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Package which includes food styling and photography, sponsoring high engaging post with precise targeting, creating poster for your campaigns, and more! Click here for more details.

Nontouch Santhadthan (Town)

Nontouch Santhadthan (Town)

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