Social Media Campaigns You Can Start Right Now If You Don’t Know What To Do

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Want to create a social media campaign to engage with your followers on social media and increase your brand awareness but you have no idea what to start with?

Check out these 4 easy but effective campaigns that you can start right away with little effort!

1. The ‘Review us and win’ Campaign

Reviews are so important these days but is it worth rewarding your customers that spend time writing reviews for your restaurant? Absolutely!

Many consumers now search restaurants online before they would even consider to dine or order from you. Most customers at least look for your menu and the type of food you serve online. So, when they do, it’s not a surprise they read what others have said about your food and services.

To encourage and reward diners to review you, offer them something in return.

For example, a discount for their next visit, or a free coffee gift voucher. Just a little something for their time.

Foxtip: Provide a timeframe on the offer so it’s more valuable. Try ‘for this month only, we’ll be randomly drawing a reviewer from Google, Facebook, and Trip Advisor EAQCH to win a $50 cash voucher’.

2. Host a social media contest

This is one of the most popular campaigns run on social media. It can be a random draw, an instagram photo contest, or whatever.

It’s easy for a restaurant owner to implement, and for your followers to participate. Though, there are critics that suggest this is getting obsolete.

However, from our experience, if you do it right with clear instructions on how to participate and don’t breach Facebook’s policy, it still works pretty well given the minimal effort.

3. Share customer-generated contents

This usually works better on Instagram than on Facebook as it involves the use of #hashtags.

Customer-generated contents is a lot more authentic than what a business can create. These contents also boost credibility and trust towards your brand due to the nature of having customer-generated contents.

A simple #yourcampaignname hashtag and tagging your Instagram handle is all you need to start promoting the campaign.

It works both on Instagram feeds as well as stories. You get free authentic contents to re-post, at the same time, interacting and involving your audiences.

Foxtip: Don’t forget to show your appreciation by giving something in return.

4. Engage with influencers to help promote your brand

Influencers having been taking over social media marketing for years. It’s one way for brands to utilise a 3rd party to promote your products since consumers tend to trust other people more than the brand itself.

But before you start engaging with influencers, here’s what we think you should do first.

Research on what kind of influencers you should be working with. Check their style & identity and whether it aligns with your brand image.

Also, check their reach, audience sizes, and their engagement to see if they are your target markets and how they interact with them.

After you’ve done all that, simply send out and invite to try out your menu. But be clear and specify you’re looking to collaborate and for them to share photos on the food and dining experience.

Another way is to offer influencers gift vouchers for them to create their own campaigns with their followers.

But if you rather focus on running your restaurant and would like us to handle all these social media stuff (Facebook and Instagram), feel free to contact us here or on our Facebook page.

We also offer an ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Package which includes food styling and photography, sponsoring high engaging post with precise targeting, creating poster for your campaigns, and more! Click here for more details.

Nontouch Santhadthan (Town)

Nontouch Santhadthan (Town)

Co-founder of Fox Junkie Digital
Marketing Specialist

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