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Fox Junkie Digital

Fox Junkie Digital started out with a very unplanned and unexpected beginning. Towards the end of 2017, while still working in the in-house marketing team of a corporate organisation, Nontouch was approached by a good friend to provide some freelance food photography and social media marketing service for a new cafe where he was the head chef in.

At that time Nontouch was a hobbyist photographer and had years of experience in marketing but he did not have the expertise in the F&B industry. There’s where Jeremy came in. He was completing his degree in hospitality management, a chef by trade, and an avid foodie.

With a couple of chats and drinks, we decided to start Fox Junkie together as a side project. The motivation was simple – many other restaurants & cafes were probably looking for the same services to develop an online presence and increase the brand awareness. Things like taking photos and being active on social media, engaging with customers, and managing online reviews.

We saw the gap, set up the business, and, with our own personal laptops & one DSLR camera, we took the job.

Fast forward to today

We now have a studio-worth of professional photography equipments and have worked with over 20 restaurants and cafes on their on-going social media managements as well as a number of one-off jobs like food photography and web design.

We’re both doing Fox Junkie full-time together with a team that includes a Project Manager who is working at one of Thailand’s top digital advertising agency and three graphic designers that specialises in food-related graphic work.

Ready to get your brand out?

We’ve worked with restauranteurs of various backgrounds, from local takeaway shops to upscale restaurants, within Brisbane and surrounds.